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WinCC tutorial
Looking for WinCC tutorial
By Krzysztof Golanski on 18 January, 2002 - 11:22 am

I have to learn to write small projects in WinCC as soon as possible, that's why I'm looking for WinCC tutorial to download. Does anybody know where should I search? Thanks for any advices. (I have got WINCCdemo version without tutorial) Krzysztof Golanski, Poland

By ITS SHAHID WAQAS CHAUDHRY on 18 January, 2002 - 5:06 pm

Get the WinCC - Getting Started Manual from the siemens web site (or email me offlist and I would gladly email you a copy). The manual illustrates WinCC basics using a sample project and includes exercises. Should get you going! After going through the Getting Started, you would be familiar with the WinCC interface and its various functions/editors (like Graphics, Trends, Alarms, Reports etc).

Good Luck.


By iglezakis on 15 March, 2002 - 4:50 pm

hi... i saw that you have a manual about WinCC. Since i was looking for that, is it possible to send me a copy? PLzzzzz

Hi Shahid,
would you please send me the copy, my company has plan to change the old siemens LSX system with wincc too.
thanks in advance and i'm looking forward your help.

By on 29 March, 2002 - 2:02 pm

I read that you have a manual that will help me to understand how to use wincc, i'll be thankful if you send me a copy.
Thanks a lot.

I am a teacher and I will need to teach WinCC scada to students in Information Systems and I am not very conversant with the package.I'll be glad if you could send me any tutorial or sample S7/Wincc files which could be helpful to me


By Curt Wuollet on 10 June, 2002 - 11:24 am

Why not look at embedded Linux? It's free, there is extensive documentation readily available, and includes the source which makes it great for education. It also has greater market share in the embedded world so your students are more likely to see it in the real world.


By Steve Lewis on 11 June, 2002 - 11:13 am

Dear Curt,

I don't normally reply to the constant drum beating you do for Linux, but for god's sake read the person's question.

He is asking a specific question about a specific product. You do yourself and your Linux movement little good by responding to every request with a Linux answer when it has no relevance. If the guy is told "Teach a course on WinCC" then that is what he has to do, not go sell his department head on how they should try to learn about a Linux based system that is not being requested by potential employers. Usually courses like what he may be looking to implement are driven by request from potential local employers.

I applaud your continuous efforts to get the Linux movement going and growing but do it with some common sense. People respect input more when it is timely, logical, and most importantly not self serving. I was always under the impression the list was for the exchange of solutions to problems. Not marketing. Please don't tell me your "Every answer is Linux" is not marketing.

By Brian E Boothe on 25 June, 2002 - 11:35 am

hmm Embedded Linux over WINCC... hey lets spend time Tweaking for 3 months and recompiling modules for another month and lets see if that floats..
Network / Id - hostname: default is lem
echo "myhostname" > /yourtarget/etc/config/hostname
- IP Address: default is
echo "" > /ytg/etc/config/ipaddr
- Netmask: default is
echo "" > /ytg/etc/config/netmask
- Network: default is
echo "" > /ytg/etc/config/network
- Broadcast: default is
echo "" > /ytg/etc/config/broadcast
- Gateway if needed: default is
echo "" > /ytg/etc/config/gateway
& edit /ytg/etc/init.d/network to uncomment gateway related line.
Kernel & Modules LEM comes with no kernel. It may not match your
;). Put a new kernel in /ytg/boot and add your needed modules in
All needed modules must be listed in /ytg/etc/modules, one per
params and carrier return after each.
Misc. Edit /ytg/etc/fstab to match your hardware.
and other /ytg/etc well known files if needed...
Add /ytg/dev/something if needed...
X11R6. LEM comes with xfree86 for svga (XF86_SVGA) 3.3.5 . You may
change / replace X server in
/ytg/usr/X11R6/bin. Some X servers requires more libs. Check it
ldd: ldd yourXserver and add needed libs in /ytg/usr/X11R6/lib. It is better to run config after booting under your new target.

((! ive tried this S*** it never compiles without errors!! and a TON of them ))

By Curt Wuollet on 27 June, 2002 - 4:13 pm

Yes, compilers are like that :^) Often one small missing library or path typo, etc. can generate an amazing amount of output. After a short learning curve you can recognize what's going on in most cases. It's also likely the documentation would list dependencies. The flexibility and modularity are not without cost. The better
embedded distros should make that easier and I'm sure the support folks could tell you what's going wrong if you show them the errors. Or the mailing list which might be faster and more anonymous.

Since there is often free support and a mailing list, if I was in a hurry I'd post the problem immediately. Typically. you'll be amazed at how many folks help you out. When you get the answer,
take a minute or two to see why it works and next time you'll know. It isn't click and go, but the degree of optimization, customization and flexibility make learning the tools well worthwhile. One thing I have observed firsthand is that a group of students might well solve that quicker than I could. Being young and passionately interested, what they take in stride
is often humbling. And the accessability of all the information draws them in and holds their interest with intensity. Students and Linux are made for each other.



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Day Job: Heartland Engineering, Automation & ATE for Automotive Rebuilders.
Consultancy: Wide Open Technologies: Moving Business & Automation to Linux.

By ITS SHAHID WAQAS CHAUDHRY on 11 June, 2002 - 11:59 am

Dear Salim,

Try the WinCC Getting started that comes with the packages. It is on the CD.

- Shahid

> Try the WinCC Getting started that comes with the packages. It is on the CD. <

- Shahid

And remember to wear your safety helmet -- you'll need it, trust me.