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Hydroelectric Governor Control
I am looking for code examples and application specific information related to the use of PLC's to control a hydroelectric turbine governor system.

I have been tasked with designing a PLC based governor control system. I would like to identify code examples (AB or GE Fanuc would be best) that implement the relevant control, including droop, for this type of application. Also any back up info which explains governor operation, typical implementation, etc. would be great. I am looking for real-world application specific data to help me build a progam. Thanks for your help!

Have a look on the Woodward web site at "": . Here you can find the required information on how governors work. There is also a paper on the use of PLC's as governor controls.

How this is some help.

Dear KM,
Kindly provide me data and all. and also the turbine you want to control. Thru PLC it is very much possible. Right now i don't have any such application code.But it cud be developed.


I would also like to install a PLC based governor. If you were sucessful in obtaining code could you please forward it to me.

Thank you