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TSX17XXX Programming software; PL7-1 or PL7-2

Looking for pl7-1 or pl7-2 language on disk. Anyone willing to send me a copy??? I have a t407 terminal that will only display a !c, a T607 with l7-3 which will only initialize the memory, and start or stop the processor. Any advice would be great.

By Anonymous on 3 June, 2002 - 1:57 pm

You're going to have to buy the software, Schneider still sells it. It's not a public domain or free package, it's rather expensive actually.

We have a T607 still in working order.
Check the rear cover on the T407, There is a magnetic switch on the back which does go faulty.

I have seen PL7-2 on a site somewhere, drop me a email some time and I will try and find it for you.