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I need to pull delimited data from EuroTherm Chessell Chart Recorder with the Ethernet Option every minute per day.

Any ideas on the best way to record 24-7 from 10 inputs. Using the 4103 Eurotherm Chessell Chart Recorder with 100 mm Graphics Unit - Ethernet Option - which works - but we just want the data to store in text file or even into columns in Excel.

By Anonymous on 19 July, 2002 - 11:11 am

Consider using an opc server and iconics trendworks. "":

By Anonymous on 19 July, 2002 - 11:57 am

Since it's talking Modbus TCP, you'd probably be well off to use an OPC server. OPC can poll the data at a specified refresh rate and insert it into sequential cells of an Excel sheet. I've got a system over ethernet logging 24 values 5 times a second. So once per minute should be absolutely no problem.