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Simatic Field PG
Is anybody using a Siemens Simatic Field PG ?

Is anybody using a Siemens Simatic Field PG ? I'm procuring a " Laptop " at the moment and I am trying to find the benefits of choosing a Simatic Field PG (Industrial PC) over a off the shelve Notebook / laptop. dell/Hp etc. The price is high compared spec wise with the Siemens unit but is the Siemens better??

Siemens have their own range of "Simatic PG's".
These units come preloaded with the Siemens S5 & S7 software together with the correct connection leads. They also have the facility to program the S5 & S7 memory cards.

You can use "other" makes of lap-tops for programming the S5 & S7 PLC's but you also have to purchase the correct interface leads.

By Anonymous on 31 July, 2006 - 6:57 pm

Hi, i have a Simatic Field PG P4, and i have a problem: The touchpad doesn't work so i don't have mouse. Some persons tell me that the touchpad is blocked and they tell me that i have to unlocked it pressing some keys. I can't find manuals about unlock touchpad. I don't know if my problem is hardware. Can somebody help me? Please.

Hi - I have the same model running XP Pro. If you have any Windows SP2 loaded try and roll back this Service Pack updates. Don't use it online (for obvious reasons - it doesn't like a lot of anti-virus software either).

The mouse pad on mine works fine and dandy. Check on Control Panel - Add Remove Hardware - Device Manager to look for a query mark next to input devices and pointers. If you have one, the driver software has been incorrectly loaded. Run the reinstall driver icon. Might work - won't damage anything!

All the best S5 Markus

By Bob Peterson on 19 August, 2002 - 4:07 pm

depends on what you mean by "better".

it does say siemens on it, and it probably has a larger temperature range that it can work in, and maybe a tougher case, better air filtering, etc.. but think about what you need. if the area you will be using it in is very hot, humid, and dusty, and you will be using the laptop in that area a lot, it might be worth getting a laptop that is less sensitive to that environment. but i am not sure the laptop you mentioned is such a device. you need to look at what it is supposed to be first, versus a std laptop.

incidentally, the company I work for has probably 20 dell laptops of various vintages. many have been used in dirty, dusty, and hot
environments for months at a time, without any serious problems. i have had to vacuum the dust off mine several times, becuase it collected so
much dust, but it kept on working.

By ITS M USMAN LATIF on 19 August, 2002 - 4:11 pm


If you compare the price of Laptop with the Simatic Softwares, its price will be higher.
Using Field PG, this gives you industrial grade Notebook along with Simatic softwares. I think it's the better option.


By Paul Vosselmans on 19 August, 2002 - 4:23 pm

You should consider the advantages of the Siemens PGs :

- Included software Step7, Step5 and Step7 Micro
- Included MPI/Profibus interface
- Included S5 tty interface
- Included EEPROM writer

I you add the cost of above items to the dell/hp laptop the overall price difference is not so big. Futhermore the PG's are generally more robust. We have three PGs ( PG710, PG720, PG720 PII ) that have travelled thousands of kilometres, operated under extreme industrial conditions and besides some small reparations are still working. Spare parts are usually shipped within one week I expect the new Field PG's to be equally robust. .


Paul Vosselmans
TES Industrial Systems B.V.

SIEMENS PG is only needed if you plan to program memory modules, otherwise notebook is much cheaper.


By Gruhn, Paul on 20 August, 2002 - 10:13 am

It's not an issue of 'better'. It comes with all the software pre-loaded (as far as I know), native comms interface, and EEPROM burner.

By Donald Pittendrigh on 23 August, 2002 - 2:12 pm

Hi All

I use a Siemens power PG in preference to my laptop, that is to say I own and use both, but only work on my laptop at home or when I am out of town, the PG does the real work, why :

It has an S5 interface
It has Eprom and flash memory programming
It came with S5 and S7 software pre-installed
It has an MPI/PPI/Profibus interface
It has a Siemens ethernet interface
It is an industrial standard machine which I wouldn't be too scared
to drop on the floor.
It is not the kind of machine every construction worker would like
to have at home.
I can get technical back up when it breaks
I can get spares and upgrades.
I can get technical support when I can,t get it to do what I want

Otherwise the laptop is fine.

Donald Pittendrigh

By Maguire, Kevin on 21 August, 2002 - 11:13 am

Hi Mylo,

Depending on which model you buy, your Simatic Field PG will come with Step7 programming software and your MPI/Profibus comm. cards built in and configured. A restore CD with the image comes with it if you need it.

In addition, the Field PG is designed to be more sturdy that a notebook - rubber/padded corners, shock-mounted components, etc...

It does cost more than a notebook, but if it may take a beating in use, the PG is real nice.

If your likely not going to abuse it, a notebook might be the better choice.

By Catherine on 5 March, 2003 - 4:10 pm

Help! I am trying to locate a Field PG. Where are you purchasing it? I'm in the US.


Dear friend,

Siemens sells a device that is costlier and preconfigured to be used repeatedly for specific tasks.
Let us know about your use of PG

- Are you a professional working at different locations and travelling a lot for this job?

If answer is yes then go for a PG. It will be easy for you with PG to setup your connections with PLC and go to the job very quickly.

- If you are a maintenance engineer and going to use PG less often then you can save money by simply procuring a Laptop and getting all software loaded in it. For connection with PLC you can purchase separate communication cables with necessary hardware. I am doing it that way. Good Luck :)