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Can multi-dropped GE PQM's be monitored by a PCIM?

Can multi-dropped GE PQM's be monitored by a PCIM?
PCIM is a PCI Card interfacing RS485, right?

By Steve Bailey on 15 August, 2002 - 4:22 pm

PCIM is a Genius interface card for ISA or EISA slots. I don't think you can get a Genius interface for the PQM. The PQM uses Modbus for network communications.

There is a Genius Power monitor block available that has many of the features of the PQM. The part number is IC660BPM100. It's from GE Fanuc, so you may need to get in touch with a rep from them, rather than your rep from GE Industrial.

thanks, but the GE PQM's are already installed. :) guess, i'll just have to use rs232-485 converter, right?

By Alvaro Rodriguez on 23 August, 2002 - 2:04 pm

Within GE Fanuc, PCIM stands for Personal Computer Inteface Module, and it is a board to be installed in a PC, to communicate via Genius protocol.


Alvaro Rodriguez
Bogota, Colombia