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Help on ALLEN-BRADLEY programming
I need anyone help me to start in allen bradley programming.....
By Javier Gutierrez on 22 October, 2002 - 1:44 pm

I have some experience on OMRON programming but, not in any other language, and I need to learn how to program allen bradley PLCs.I will appriciate that someone with experience guide to start in this.

Go to "":

By Chris Keyser on 23 October, 2002 - 11:03 am


I think that you will find this web site a great help, its AB's Instruction set Reference. The web site is "": .
Good Luck
Chris Keyser

Thanks for your advice.I found the sites that you recommended me very helpful.I think I'll go more deep in this now.
I priciate your help.

Javier: programming Allen Bradley is very similar to programming OMRON if you use LADDER, though each manufacturer has its own differences as far as special functions. You need to have the family of programs of Rockwell Software, like RSLogix500, or RSlogix5000, depending of which Allen Bradley PLC you use. A good beginning is to visit "": , or
"": . Good luck.

Javier: la programacion de Allen Bradley es muy similar a la de OMRON si usas LADDER, con diferencias propias de cada fabricante en cuanto a funciones especiales, lo que tu necesitas es disponer de la familia de Programas de Rockwell Software, como ser RSLogix500, o RSlogix5000, dependiendo de que PLC Allen Bradley tu utilices.
Un buen comienzo es visitar "": , o "": . Buena Suerte.

By Marco A. Rodriguez, P.E. on 23 October, 2002 - 1:40 pm

If you are implementing SLC500 or PLC5 you only have one option. Learn to program Ladder logic. Try they might have a tutorial on ladder logic.

AB Controllogix is a new animal because it allows dynamic memory allocation and allows the user to define plc variables without having to use the dreaded T4, C5, I7, B3 memory locations. But the ladder logic concepts are still the same. I heard that the new version of RSLogix5000 allows use of SFC and FB. That will be a step foward.

I dont know how OMRON PLCs are programmed. If it is ladder logic, then you are good to go. Only have to learn memory allocation in the PLC program that you will implement.

I was in the same boat 7 years ago. There is no school that teaches ladder logic. I needed to learn on my own.

By Javier Gutierrez on 6 November, 2002 - 2:46 pm

Thanks everyone for your advice. I found the sites that you recommended me very helpful.I think I'll go more deep in this now and will try to practice as much as can. also I think I will go a littler backward in programming like C++ or other languages to have better idea about Programming, because I'm new in this and sometime I found myself get lost.
If you have any recommendations I will appreciate.
Here is my email address.
Thanks a lot.Javier

There ARE schools on ladder logic, Omron and AB both have regular classes you can attend.Most are 2-3 days.I have been to several because In my plant I have 4 different kinds of plc's. No matter the maker, programming is similar for all but each has to be done with the manufacturers software, cables, etc. The classes are good but where you will learn and retain the most is with hands on experience. Also you can download all the manuals you need from the AB site.

I was in the same boat you are when I was "fresh" out of school. What I strongly recommend is to purchase a "low-end" AB PLC such as the MicroLogix 1000 (you will be surprised of how inexpensive they are) and play around with it. There are things that the 1000 cannot do but it will give you a good foundation on using instructions, addressing, etc... This is exactly what I did when I started programming (about 1 year ago) and it was a tremendous help. Also, if you already have the RS Logix software, the "Help" tab has an instruction list which is very helpful. I think that it even gives program examples of each.

Good Luck!