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Omron HMI Programming
Wondering how the hmi knows that it is gonna post a message
By Andreas Andersson on 7 May, 2003 - 9:19 am

im thinking of buying a Omron NT2S-SF122 or simular.. I have a Omron CQM1H-CPU21 win 16in/16out, The cable from the HMI goes into the RS-232 of the PLc, and my question is this..
How does the hmi know that the PLc is telling it to show a message? I've tried omrons website, and the only shred of information i found, was in french.. No other language... Can someone PLz Help Me??????


By Steve Bailey on 7 May, 2003 - 5:32 pm

When you're using serial port communications, the HMI panel is usually the communications master. The PLC simply responds to requests for data that originate in the HMI. So, before the HMI can display a message, it must first ask the PLC if there are any messages that it (the PLC) wishes to have displayed.

By David Wooden on 7 May, 2003 - 6:01 pm


Here is a link to the Quick Start guide for the NT2ST software used to program the NT2S HMI units.$File/NT2ST_Quick_Start_Ver103.pdf?OpenElement

If the link doesn't work, go to the Knowledge Center ( ) and search for "NT2ST Quick Start".

The software can be downloaded for free at:

Best of luck,

David Wooden
Senior Software Engineer, Systems Integration
Automation and Enterprise Solutions Group
TAS Division of Omron Electronics LLC
Office: (847) 884-7034 Extension 432
Fax: (847) 884-9383

By Boogie Bear on 8 May, 2003 - 9:36 am

The omron touchscreens and the plc's communicate via the native protocol. The touchscreen has a processor in it which polls the plc. When you program the screen you attach buttons, etc to points in the plc. The touchscreen then polls the plc periodically to update the screen info.

The screens also have a set register they go to get the info on what screen to display first. I think most of the documentation uses register 80 as the Storage for the screen number. For example if you load the number 1 in register 80 when the screen starts up, the first thing it does is read register 80 from the plc and tried to load that screen. If it is none existent then it displays a error message.

The omron usa website can be found at:

By Joe Jansen on 8 May, 2003 - 4:34 pm

There are several different ways of displaying a message on the HMI. The method you use depends on how you want the results displayed.

For reference, I am using a NTH25C handheld HMI pendant with a CJ1G-CPU44H PLC....

Very simple items can be displayed by placing a 2 state indicator on the screen and tying it to a bit. the zero state would be set up with no text, foreground, background, and frame color set to the same as the background. The on state of the indicator would be brightly colored with the appropriate text. By toggling the bit in the PLC, the text appears and disappears.

Another method would be to use an alarm object. I quick check on my NTST4.6E software (configuration software for the NT series screens) seems to indicate that the NT20S series does not support this method.

Lastly, if you want to direct the HMI to change screens entirely, there is the control register. This is an address that you define in the
configuration, and by setting a value into that register, the HMI will change to that screen number. This is useful for signalling very nasty
alarms, where you would set the screen background red, make things blink alot, etc....

You may want to look into the NS series of HMI stuff. They are much more functional than the NT series, and may make things easier for you.....

--Joe Jansen

By Anonymous on 19 March, 2004 - 9:26 pm

if i'm correct the NT2 is the small 2 line 16 character per line HMI if it is you do not connect it to the RS232 port you use a special NT2 lead which plugs into the comms port that you connect your CIFO1 to (after unplugging your CIFO1) the rear of the HMI.You program the unit using ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) and place all display codes to DB20 in a BSET (blockset) command as any Omron controller reserves this data block/register for NT2 information interchange. If you still need any further help I could e-mail some of my program examples as I swear by using them, user friendly.


is there any chance that somebody could send me some omron nt2s programming tutorials? as i just started with hmi programming and i got no idea how and were i should do what that hmi communicates with plc. had chat with omron and they say that my model of hmi has to be programmed inside the plc (the model is NT2S-SF127B-E) and they have send me some starter guide; which would be fantastic if i would be a pro. Would wary much appreciate any help and some guides to get this think going. tnx