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Weight pressure sensor pad
Weight pressure sensor pad. HEELLP!!

Hi. I am looking for A weight pressure sensor pad. I'm not even sure if that's what you call it. Here is what I mean. The White House In Washington DC. has weight sensors all over the White House lawn. If more than 5 pounds of pressure is applied on these sensors an alarm will go off. (keeps the bad guys out) This is what I need. Look at your mouse pad. Thats what I need. Same size, same thickness, and flexable. But I dont need an alarm to go off. Just a small red light. Do they make such a thing? Please help. And NO, it is not for my lawn!! ha.

Do a Google Advanced Search for "security" and then search within the results using the strings "pressure mat pad sensor". You can dig through the results. Here are two:

There are many others if you search "Security Devices", etc. Good luck!


JC, Thanks so much for the help. Johnny

THREE(3)... not two. Gotta' learn to count my links before selecting "Add".

By Curt Wuollet on 15 September, 2004 - 4:00 pm

I've seen this by the roll at some security companies.



SSTI and Banner make saftey floor matts for equipment. Uusuall tied into controller for shut down and etc. Just tie a light into it. RC


Phidgets might help you out. You would need to pick up the 8/8/8 interface kit and then you could hook up 8 force sensors.

Here's a tutorial:

OR you could use some of those contact pads already suggested that act as simple switches and use the digital inputs on the interface kits.