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Toshiba EX-PDD file format
Info on Toshiba's ladder logic file format? Or, conversion utils?
By Bob Arnold on 7 April, 2005 - 1:48 pm

I'm trying to write Toshiba's (older) ladder logic file format in order to convert from other PLC brands. The other brands can import/export from text files. We want to convert those to Toshiba which offers no easy import or export format. Info on any of the EX-PDD file formats will be very valuable:

EX-PDD 2.4 (the '.P$' files)
EX-PDD 2.84 (the '.P$' files)
EX-PDD 3.0d (the '.%%' files)

I've figured out some of the format, but without documentation, the conversion will never work for every file.

Or, if anyone knows of existing conversion utilities that support Toshiba, please tell.



Hello Bob,
I know this doesn't help you with your problem, but I thought you might help me with mine. I have a couple of Toshiba EX40H PLCs which I would like to program with my PC. I have original EX-PDD software that came on 5 1/4" floppy disk with the ability to install the software onto a PC 2 times. Over the years, the DOS PCs I originally used the software on have become defunct and now find that I no longer have the ability to monitor or edit the programs in the EX40s using a PC. Are you aware of any sofware that will work on todays Window based PCs for the EX40H PLCs?

The connection from PC to PLC was via an RS232 port with an RS422 convertor.

Sydney, Australia