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Problem Connecting Laptop PC to Controller via RS-232
Cannot get access to the OC950 via RS-232 while program running, and cannot find a way to stop program.
By Scott Hill on 9 June, 2005 - 12:57 am

I have three single axis controllers each using an OC950 card and each running a brushless servo motor. The hard copy of the BAS program I have sets the program to autostart on power up, then it implements an infinite loop which contains a couple subroutine calls to cause the servo to home and to cycle.


accelrate = 100000

decelrate = 200000

enable = 1

autostart = 1

intri5hi = 1 'estop routine

out7 = 1 'servo done

out8 = 1 'servo waiting at transition


while(enabled = 0)



if(inp2 = 0) then Call Cycle

if(inp1 = 0) then Call Home


end main

As I understand it, I can't access the controller to upload the executing program via RS-232 while the program is running. The problem is that the program starts executing on power up so there's no point where I can initiate communications with the 950IDE software. How do I break the program execution so I can communicate with the card to make changes to the program.

I am using an RS-232C cable and 950IDE software on a laptop PC running Windows XP and when I try to upload the program from the card I get "target not responding". The status light reads [0.] which the manual tells me indicates the driver is not enabled, but the program is running. How do I get it out of the infinite loop to display a status [0 ]? I didn't set this up, but I need to get in and make some changes to the program.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Hill

Have you tried clicking stop all in the rad motion software?

By Jorge Rivera on 18 August, 2016 - 5:52 pm

This post have a long time, but now I have the same problem.

How do you solve that?

Thank you