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Embedded systems in Hyderabad
Would u suggest any institution for embedded systems in hyderabad?

Hi frndz,

I am suresh. I have completed my M.Sc electronics and I want to do embedded systems. Would u suggest any institution for embedded systems in hyderabad?

By Anonymous on 6 July, 2006 - 12:19 am


it is very good opinion to join in embedded system. institutions are available are C-DAC Cranes, and CMC.

By Anonymous on 14 July, 2006 - 10:40 am

Pinnacle Softek (India) Ltd provides expert training in Design and Development of Embedded Systems.

Training Module #1 AT89S52 Microcontroller based Design
Training Module #2 ATMEL AVR Microcontroller based Design
Training Module #3 ARM7TDMI Microcontroller based Design

Each Module covers
-> Fundamentals,
-> Hardware design,
-> Hardware definitions,
-> Device Drivers,
-> Input Sensing(Digital & Analog Inputs),
-> Output Control (Displays,Relays,Motors etc)
-> Real Time Operating System
-> Debugging (Simulator and ICE)
-> Unit testing
-> Integration

The Course duration is 5 months(with 3Projects) and Fee is Rs 25000/- only.

For more information Please call : 9845579652

--Pinnacle Softek (India) Ltd

I find one of the finest faculties in Hyderabad with Autarchy Technologies, in providing training in embedded domain, i.e. telecom, microcontroller based app. dev., network protocol development and BSP. The faculty are worked/working professionals from exclusive technology organisations.

The institution is M/s Autarchy and the mobile no. is 9394555591. More information may be obtained from

Thank you.

You can go for ISM or Vector.


training on embedded system design is currently available with ECIT HYD a govt of INDIA organisation conducting programme further details available on 040-23222685 or 040-23225759

Hi Suresh...

If u r luking for emb-sys training in hyderabad then I suggest u to contact Sigma Solutions. I have met the M.D. of the organisation Mr. Pradeep. He & his technical team are one of the finest in India.

Right from Linux OS to ARM & DSP kits, u will find all the entire technology there. I think they do have a placement association too.

Plz contact Mr Shobhit Nigam (09866449501) & plz give him my reference...

I would perfectly agree with arvind. Even I'm a student of Shobhit Nigam. I have been trained by trainers from Sigma Solutions. I have learnt my embedded sytems from them. These guys know their job. They are into corporate training too & perhaps that's why the quality is excellent. I'm not sure of the syllabus right now; but when I was a student I was thaught:-

C & Embedded C
Linux utilities, commands, etc
Linux shell scripts....
Linux as on OS
Device Drivers
Microcontrolers (8051, ARM, Renessas etc)
RTOS like
uC-Linux etc
DSP processor (TMS 5X series)
Cross compilers like Keil....
& such topics.....

Embedded Systems in Sigma Hyderabad really helped in making me what I'm today & I guess Mr.Shobhit Nigam's number has been changed to 9949999239.

They are reachable at

If anyone wants to contact me they can on


I am very glad for your interest. Please come to the Paulus web site. Address is

Hi suresh,

Vector Hyderabad center is doing good nowadays in embedded training. They take the candidates from all India entrance test and even placements seems to be hopefull. Just see if you can there.

And another good one is Depik.


Hi suresh,

This is anand... I have learned a lot at Sigma Solutions, which is really really good.
All the trainers over there are part of Sigma Solutions. Those guys have really a great vision. You join them and you will make your life. They have their institutes at two places, CTC and Shankermutt.
I give their address...
Sigma Solutions
CTC, 213 I think
ph. 66489969

I have heard about Innobox Systems through a friend of mine. Innobox Systems offers Training in Embedded Systems. Looks like Hyderabad is catching up in Embeded Systems.Hope to see a world class Product coming out of hyderabad.


By srinivasa rao on 14 August, 2007 - 4:59 pm

Hi guys,

I am Sr. Lect and a technical person from Pantech Solutions give a seminar in nice manner with real industry standards.

I think they have good stuff on engineering field, as per with the businees development manager, he told that they would like to explore the talents of engineering students..

My suggesstion is better you visit Pantech solutions, you just have a discussion with them & then you decide.

Check with their site

srinivasa rao


For training in embedded systems in Hyderabad, Vector is doing great. Its track record seems to be believable, but check out when the next entrance exam is.

By E L V Prasad on 28 May, 2007 - 1:54 pm

These are the following institutes.

1. ROCSYS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Plot No: 5, Journalists Colony,
Road No:3, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad - 500 034
Andhra Pradesh, India.

Ph: +91-40-2335 1214 / 1184
Fax: +91-40-2335 1954


2.DEPIK Technologies Pvt Ltd

4th Floor, M H R House, (Opp) SBI Bank,
261/3RT, S.R.Nagar Main Road
Hyderabad - 38,
Andhra Pradesh,
Phone : +91-40-23818683

I heard ROCSYS has stopped in training operations recently. If you want to prefer complete embedded systems course better go for VECTOR ( and if you want to concentrate on Linux network programming then go for DEPIK (

But placements wise VECTOR does better than any other institute.

And if want a govt. certificate you better prefer CDAC (

All these institutes conduct a written test for the admission into the course.

By satya prakash on 11 August, 2007 - 12:14 pm

the best institute for embedded systems training in hyderabad is VECTOR Institute. they train the students on embedded systems course nad provide good reliable support for placements. Even their track record placements in the recent past seems to the the best even when compared to any other institute in banglore.

i have done my course from Vector and i recently got placed to Convergys through Vector.

This august 12th they are conducting their all india entrance exam, first take the exam and is you qualify you can definetly join vector. better visit their website for further details.

Hi buddy,

I have cleared vector entrance and can't decide if Vector is a good institute to join or not.
Is Cranes software is better than it???

Plz reply

Hi Frendz,

Cranes also very nice as per concern on DSP Course....

For your academic projects on Embedded Systems & DSP better you can approach Pantech Solutions PVT Ltd., their class handling and way of training is entirely nice and easy to learn all the concepts.

Contact person; Mr. Senthil - 9949467760

With luv,

Cranes offers a good course curriculum, its quite elaborate. Plus, they also arrange for some good placements. My brother got through in CTS. Even I am planning to join the Embedded course there. I had gone there for counselling, and it seemed quite promising!

I have also started hearing about emxcore technologies. They have good expertise on AVR controller and one of my cousins has mentioned about their seminars. They are a good place for academic projects too.

Hi Buddy,

Crane's Software is currently the best institute for taking training in embedded systems. It is also giving placement guarantee and I think it's to be trusted.


Many institutes are there in Hyderabad presently,
Krest Technologies has started new batch for embedded systems and DSP. Their lab facility is very nice and faculties are taking care of each student individually. Presently many companies are showing interest on this.

Hi Embedded Engineer,

EMBEDDED TOOL KIT From MICROTEK SYSTEMS is a must for an Embedded learner, Developer, Professional. Kit includes ATMEL 8051, AVR Microchip PIC programmers, Experiment Boards, Cables, Power supply, CD with all software, tutorials, datasheets. Printed book on 8051 with project ideas. Very reasonably priced, discount on bulk order from training institutes.

For product enquiry, contact:
Ph: 9966653508.


Hi Suresh,

Better approach Pantech Solutions for Embedded training, because they are involved in the development embedded products, you can get industrial training from them.

pantech solutions pvt ltd
I floor, sundara sadan,
3-6-462/6, 5th st,
himayath nagar,


For admission into our Program in Embedded Systems and details of All India admission test log on to

Innobox Systems offers In-house training in Device Drivers/DSP/Networking/WBT for engineering graduates. 5 months course with emphasis on C and advanced programming concepts. Intake through Entrance exam.

Check out Innobox Systems situated at 310, Swarnajayanthi complex, Ameerpet. Visit their web site at

By Chaitanya on 10 May, 2008 - 12:06 pm

did all enquiy's , spoke to all trainiers no one seem to have depth as Veda Solutions has, Raghu Bharadwaj has given me & my friends clear answers for all questions. Veda Solutions is the best.

H chaitanya,
Spoke to anyone at Sigma. No yet !!!

Sigma Solutions is right place. They made my career. Perhaps they might be able to clear ur doubts too. I guess they have restarted the training progremmes in Hyderabad center. I'm not sure of thier number but when I was a student the help desk was 91-9701770707. They are reachable at

If you want to contact me you can on

Have a Happy Time

No doubt veda has such a good instructor, but believe me course will drag like anything. Too many holidays and breaks. People who are not in a hurry about course completion time can join.

Hi suresh,
Their is VEDA SOLUTIONS for LINUX.It has an proffessional trainers and below are the details.They offer

Linux Kernel & Embedded Developer
Diploma in system programming and embedded systems

The topics are very much interested in clearly in depth

Veda Solutions
Saradhi Studio Lane,
Ph: 26100265

By Narayana Raju S on 29 July, 2008 - 12:44 am

Hi Suresh,

I heard, very soon there is a group of people planning to start a startup company and embedded training systems institute in hyd as per international standards.

For further details you can contact: 0-99865 40031

Narayana Raju

I think the best training institute for embedded systems course in hyderabad is Sigma Solutions.

I have done embedded systems training in Sigma Solutions & as they promised they got me a start to my career.

I had joined Sigma Solutions for embedded systems course training after seeing this forum itself...... I did not have any idea before this. My 2 friends joined vector long back. they said names of so many companies, not even one of the 40-batch got placed.

I'm happy that I came to this forum, read this & made the wise decision of joining Sigma Solutions for embedded systems training course.
Thank you Sigma

hi all, nice topic to discuss! which institute is the best for embedded training. My openion is " first look from your side"!! means check your self how much proficient you are in C Programming!!

If you are not thourogh with C programming , never think of embedded systems in any institute.

Good command over C programming helps up to Microcontroller programming ie generic 8051,PIC,AVR etc.

If you want to go further ie in to Linux OS programming or any RTOS programming like VXWorks, RT Linux etc , in addition to C programming you need very good Operating Systems fundamentals and Computer Networks knowledge. At least you should have studied Operating Systems and Computer networks text books well, by Andrew S Tennenbhaum at your Undergraduation Cource.

One more thing i can express very frankly is, nobody can be a master in network programming or device driver development as so called institutes are claiming within a 4 to 6 months of span starting with Embedded C programming.

So start with any good microcontroller programming, gain some realtime exposure on it then look for Embedded Linux or any RTOS.
Simply one cannot learn that many modules in a span of 4 to 6 months while starting from embedded c programming. This is the fact.

I strongly suggest this approach of learning which i learnt from Mr. Yashawant Kanetkar ( Let Us C fame). Even he is offering Embedded Systems classroom cource at Nagpur and video lectures too. For more details visit


By kpendharkar on 6 November, 2008 - 5:32 am

I'm feeling very confused after reading all these things.

I'm a fresher in BE elect & tel, and thought to start my career with embedded rather than software. Embedded seems a good and different path to me. Even though I'm not so good in C I was trying to struggle with it. And now I'm totally confused whether embedded will be good for me or not. I planned to join a good institute in Hyderabad whose fee structure is within my family's budget, and now I'm so confused about what to do??

Don't get confused. If U really want to go for embedded just plan that if not embedded then nothing and if ur planning in a postive way i would prefer vector bcoz they even offer placement which is the good deal. thing is u have to be damn serious once u join in any institutes. write exam of vector think its on 13 or 15 of feb 09. Pursue it fees is also 30k

all the best,its time to decide well and take proper step. dont get demotivated.