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DP type level transmitter calibration
Yokogawa make DP type level transmitter calibration

We have Extended diaphrgm DP type level transmitters made of Yokogawa India ltd. in our sugar refinery, but we don't have HART communicators here. I found that in our Vacuum Batch pans the level transmitters are under range. I just want to change the upper range value of that DP level tranmitter. As I don't have HART communicator I have use the range setting switch available in the integral display. But if I go through in that way I have calibrate the transmitter after taking out from the pan. Is it possible to set only the upper range value with the same range setting switch in online when the boiling is going on? Kindly advise me.

Dear Mr. Sundar,

If your transmitter is belongs to HART family and you are able to do the changes by integral display buttons, it is possible to rerange it.

Dear Mr Sunnichan,

Thanks for your kind reply, but for your information I know it is possible to do reranging with integral range setting switch. But my question is how?

Please reply me.

Read the instruction manual.

You have a couple of options. First, I looked on the Yokogawa web site and found that you can use the digital indicator with range setting switch, but I could not find anywhere instructions to do this. Call Yokagawa and have them e-mail you the instructions.

Second, Find the vendor that sold you guys the meter and borrow his Hart to change the range. It takes less than a minute. Good Luck.


Thank you very much for your kind reply. Now I have some procedure with me which I got from yokogawa. But I could not able to do it with my transmitter in the tank. So I have just taken it out and done the calibration. Now it is ok.

Once again thank you very much.

What model is the transmitter? Let me know. I will send the instructions.

Also, for the future, Yokogawa has "free issue" Pactware software for Hart communications via a notebook P.C.