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Damping time in 3051
Can anyone tell me how the damping in 3051 series pressure tx work!

How's damping done? Is it by regulating the sampling interval or by some other method?

Is there any standard guidelines available for damping time setting especially in critical (SIL3 SIS) systems (ESD system with scan time of 100 ms)?

Damping (Time Constant) 3051 is set in predefined steps, whatever seconds you enter transmitter will set to closest predefined.

The total response time is defined as follows:
Dead Time (Td)45 mSec (=Update Rate 22/sec)
Time Constant is T63, meaning in the set Time Constant (damping) the 3051 will do 63.2% of a 100% step change in pressure, after another Time Constant, 63.% of the remaining and so on.

This is detailed described in product data sheet that you can find here: