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ControlNet Network Scheduling
ControlNet Scheduling via RSnetWorx

This is my first time to use RSnetWorx to schedule a ControlNet Netwrok used in a four-chassis ControlLogix system. There is a ControlNet card in each chassis.

After I offline schedueled the ControlNet network using RSnetWorx, I saved the .xc file and the RSLogix 5000 project. Then, I found that some of the remote I/O cards have been in scheduled connection via ControlNet. But,some of them are NOT connected via ControlNet.

My question is: only after I go online and download the project do all I/O cards (local and remote) can be connected via ControlNet?

Thanks a lot for any help.

By Trevor Ousey on 23 November, 2007 - 11:28 am

The easiest way to do this is actually online rather than offline, and with a ControlLogix platform, with I/O in the racks makes it easier. Be sure that you have the I/O tree correct in your RSLogix 5000 project, download this into the processor, go online with RSNetworx wait for the browse/update to complete and then save. Do a full optimise if it asks. If it does nothing tick the edit box and the save and it should bring up a dialog box asking either to merge or full optimisation of scheduled data.

If you have a MD license for RSNetworx then try running a maintenance check, you will most likely find the issue to be something simple.


Thank you so much. I will try.


I would like to know if is it recommended to schedule a network for
the inhabited hardware in the RSlogix IO tree? Just to elaborate more, I have a L72 controller already running live, and now I have few more remote IO racks going into that L72 project as unscheduled. But there is a possibility that I might get a shutdown, but I will not have hardware ready so i am just in middle of a debate that should I add my hardware in L72 IO tree as inhabited and as unschedule, or if there is a possibility then add in L72 IO tree as inhabited and schedule. So when hardware is ready, the only thing to check is if the modules are properly responding back after power up.

Thank you