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web connectivity to DeltaV DCS
web connectivity to DeltaV DCS.
By sarfraj patel on 27 December, 2007 - 11:09 am

We have to give Web connectivity to DeltaV system (DCS) of Emerson. DCS is connected to a boiler-heat exchanger unit. DeltaV Explorer Software gives Steam temp, pressure, Water in/out temp, etc. Now we want this data to be accessed through internet, i.e. from anywhere in the world. How can I connect this real time changing data to internet?

Software has 1 provision that all parameters can be shown on a simple Excel sheet. So how can I connect this Real time changing Excel sheet to internet?

sarfraj. patel @ gmail. com

Well, the system DeltaV has a option via web, but would need a Application Station. There are other options type Crystal Report, this is a good choice

The professional solution i would propose is to go for Delta V Web Server.

This is an application by which you can view (only view) Graphics, online trends, Historical trends, any other important information needed from the plant to be viewed globally.

This application is bundled with free Word / Excel viewers (or even viewers can be downloaded from microsoft website free of cost) so as to enable remote viewing of excel files (data), important word files like Work Instructions / Standard Operating Procedures of the plant.

Contact Emerson person representing your local area for further info on the Delta V Web Server.

Dear Sarfraj,
Whilst there are products out there that will give you the required access via the internet to the DCS you need to consider the control system security also. There is a lot of hype but also some good guidance from NIST on the web. Google "cyber security" + "control system security program".

Be aware of the threats you are exposing your system to.

Do you really need full internet access or just corporate intranet access?

Would access via a data historian (PI, IP21, Wonderware product i forget the name of, other cheaper products etc.) be more appropriate for data needs and security? Most historians have an excel interface and web enabled interfaces.

Think about firewalls. I don't think it is considered good practice to connect directly to the internet.

By Michael Griffin on 3 January, 2008 - 1:24 am

I can't help you with the Emerson software, but as for the internet connection you almost certainly would need to go through some form of proxy server or VPN. If you don't know what those are, then you need to be talking to someone who can set that up properly for you. That would be someone with experience in setting up and maintaining public facing internet systems.

If you just need a few number of screens to display the parameters on the internet/intranet I would propose a web application (built on ASP.Net) which connects to the Emerson Delta V OPC Server and reads the required parameters.

On the other end you could go for products as suggested like Delta V Web Server or InSQL Historian/Suite Voyager from Wonderware. But these products are generally used for plant-wide visibility. They are suited for high amount of data from multiple sources.

Please contact in case of more help or clarification.

Vipul Shah
vipul @ egenietech. com