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Citect network printer configuration
Citect alarm printer

Hi again!

I am using network alarm printer this time (OKI dot matrix printer OKI ML420 series) to print the alarms on the alarm page of the Citect HMI PC. Actually on my network there is only one HMI PC and one Alarm printer. (The reason being using network printer is that the distance between printer and HMI PC is quite long, so using ethernet network for fast communication.)

I configured the printer in Citect as In DEVICES:
Name: Alarmprint

So now, I should be able to print the alarms, but only one alarm prints on one page and then 2nd alarm on another page. (Same problem :-( as always.)

So what to do in this case of network alarm printer? Do I need to modify some parameters in the citect.ini file?? or some thing else??

Please suggest!!


I am facing the same issue, any suggestion to solve this issue?