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UnityPro XL Software Speed Issues
UnityPro XL is running slow, V3.1-SP1.

Is anyone else having a problem with the speed of Schneider Unity software, and if so, have you been able to do anything to speed it up?

Thanks in advance.

Is anyone else even using this software?

I can't be the only one. Can I?

By the way I am using v3.1-SP1

Help ......... I am sinking .......

Hello, my name is Alejandro, and im looking for that software because I'm having troubles with a library. i tried to built my project with a newer software (4.1) and i fail because an error (Type not found in Types Library).

Do you think that you can give us that software. We dont ask to pirating that software, we only need the demo version.


March 2, 2017

This message string seems a bit old. Unity Pro is currently at V11.1 All versions are demo until authorized. Windows OS support is a factor as latest versions do not support oldest Windows OS. Types usually refers to an "instruction" being removed or modified.

What is your computer?
Maybe your computer is slow.

System requirements -
System: Pentium Processor 1.2 GHz or higher, recommended 2.4 GHz
RAM memory: 512 MB minimum; recommended: 1 Go
Hard disk: minimum available free space 2 GB, recommended 4 GB
Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

If you have this or more, it should run quick. I'm running the same version as you and I don't have any hassles. I think your problem is the 1 gig recommended RAM.

My system is:

Core2 Duo CPU
T7250 @ 2.00GHz
1.99 GHz, 3.49 GB of RAM

I have loaded this software on 5 total systems now. All of them similar in features to the one listed above and all are displaying similar speed issues.

I recently noticed (but pressed the keys too quickly) that when installing, the software states that it will run faster if you do a "complete" install instead of a "typical" install. However, "typical" is the default.

If I install it again I will try the "complete" install.

Schneider suggested formatting my hard drive and reinstalling my operating system. I purchased a new hard drive and tried that option, no difference in speed.

Schneider also suggested that (maybe) my graphics driver was out of date. I am searching for the latest driver. I will have even less regard for the Schneider programmers (of PLC programming software) if this fixes the issue.

I am currently installing VirtualPC. I will report back on the outcome of that route.

Any other info would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!!!

By Robert Willis on 7 September, 2008 - 4:11 pm

What else do you have running in your system when you are attempting to use the Unity Pro software?

In what way is the software slow? Is it when your are generating the applpication program or when you are attempting to download to the controller? If it is when you are downloading then please provide us with the type of connection your are using (USB, Serial, Ethernet).

When running UnityProXL I am not running any other programs. I have even tried shutting down as many of the services and startup programs as possible and still let my system function (via msconfig). This has little or no effect on the speed of the UnityPro XL software.

During intial startup of the Unity software CPU Usage spiked at 33% for about 1 second, and then dropped to approximately 15%, the entire startup took approximately 45 seconds. It took approximately 40 seconds to load a program during which the CPU Usage spiked at approximately 80% for 6 seconds, but for the most part hovered around 20%.

None of this (so far) is troubling or inconvenient, however when I attempt to call up individual logic files to edit or monitor them it can take up to 40 seconds for the file to display (but usually takes 10-20 seconds) and the CPU usage spikes at around 80% for less than 3 seconds.

Downloading the processor seems to take an acceptable amount of time also (it compares favorably to what I am normally used to when using Modicon or AB products).

Physical Memory:
(Before Startup of UnityProXL)
Total 3659672
Available 2790172
System Cache 2507372

(After startup of UnityProXL)
Total 3659672
Available 2757452
System Cache 2611252

I am wondering why Schneider recommends 4GB of memory when it appears to use less than 1GB when I run it.

Thanks Again,


They only recommend 1 gig of RAM, not 4.

I honestly have no idea why it should run so slow. Just checked my CPU usage and in both starting up and opening a program I use at most 60%. My computer specs are close to yours except I have less RAM. Look, Unity does use a lot more resources than other software I've used, but not to the extent that I have to wait around for things to happen. Can't remember if you mentioned, but what OS are you using?

I have tried UnityPro on both Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home. I do not see a significant difference on either OS.

Are you running on a Core2 Duo System (I am)? I have read a few posts at other forums (not controls related) that offer software patches (for specific programs) for laptops running on Core2 Duo hardware.

I am still hoping someone out there can give me some insight.

Thanks again,


I am wondering if there are any options/functions/features in Unity that can be turned on or off that will increase or decrease performance.

I have looked through the software and can not find anything that stands out, but input from others may help me.

Thanks again,


I just loaded Unity on two more PCs and both of them run slow also. I can not believe that I am the only person having problems with the speed/performance of Unity.

Does anyone know why Unity must access the HDD to perform even the simplest of functions?

I even tried configuring a RAM disk on my system in an attempt to speed it up. But Unity continues to access the HDD despite the fact that my user program is on the RAM drive. The next time I install the program I am going to attempt to install Unity on the RAM drive and see if that speeds it up.

Any/All help will be appreciated. (I am beginning to think this site is monitored/administered by a Schneider employee).

Thanks again.

Your problem is a strange one. We use Unity pro on a daily basis, and I would say if anything it is slightly faster than PW32 SP1. It is far more stable, but that is a taken! All our systems are laptops (Dell Latitude D620) which are Core 2.

All run Windows XP (Note MUST be Pro, Even 32 needed that one) and all are SP3. The Constent HD lookup has gone away with V4. And for once it is quite stable.