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Looking for information on the ABB EXCOM protocol
I am looking for information about ABB's EXCOM protocol. It looks like there are some threads on here that have asked about EXCOM in the past, but most of them are long-dead...

I've contacted ABB, and I'm still waiting to hear back from them. From some earlier posts that I've seen on this forum, it looks like there are two ABB manuals:

1. EXCOM Implementor's Manual, document # 7650 056-202
2. EXCOM Communications Package, document # 7650 077-201

From what I can tell, these documents were published sometime in the late 1980's, so it might be hard to find electronic copies.

Can anyone provide information about the layout of the protocol? The user manual for the device that we are working on mentions "DAT elements" and "Data Sets" very briefly, but the manual assumes that the reader has a working knowledge of EXCOM.

Any help would be appreciated.


Peter, I do not have these specific manuals but I do have quite a number of ABB manuals in electronic format. What type of controllers are you working with? Most of what I have deals with AC410 and AC160 controllers, but the communications are pretty similar. DAT elements are just placeholders for data, boolean, integer, real etc. Data sets are ways to move data in blocks from controller to controller. I will try to help if possible, just need to know what might be most helpful to send you.


The device is an MP 200F Stressometer.




Are you just trying to get an EXCOM link to work or trying to write an EXCOM driver from scratch?

The EXCOM user manual will help you configure the Advant or MP200 controller correctly and explain about DATs and DataSets. It is available in the ABB solutions bank library at...

Publications Explorer
-Control Products & Systems
--Advant OCS with Master Software
---Communication Products
------EXCOM Users Guide

You can also try this link if you have a solutionsbank login...

The other manuals you mention are not available on solutionsbank and are possibly internal ABB manuals used if you want to write an EXCOM serial comms driver. Contact us directly if you require specific help.




I tried this link
" VANTOCSwithMasterSoftware/CommunicationProducts/EXCOMProtocol/MANUALS/126 099J414713.htm"
but it didn't work. I also went to ABB's Solution Bank and couldn't find "Communication Products"

Publications Explorer
-Control Products & Systems
--Advant OCS with Master Software
---Communication Products
------EXCOM Users Guide

Any other suggestions for the EXCOM Manual?

I have the manual. Go off forum and email to:
sales [at]

Does anyone have "EXCOM Implementor's Manual, document # 7650 056-202"? I am looking for it as well.