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parallel compressor
parallel compressor system

hi guys,

need help ASAP.

Is there anyone has reference about parallel & series compressor system, include with the performance curve between single compressor and dual parallel/series compressor system?


By John Catch on 15 April, 2009 - 1:02 pm


As you probably have guessed by now this can be a very complicated issue depending on a whole matrix of concerns and parameters. Consider that the compressor curve has to interface with a sometimes argumentative system curve, plus valve, VFD, etc. characteristics..and you get the picture. Some good sources to get started;

The manufacturer of the compressors in question
Compressor Controls Corp (CCC), Triconix
D.G. Sheperd, Bela Liptak, and others

Solutions can range from simple blowoff lines to complex feed-forward loops. People have made their careers specializing in this area.

John Catch