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Mark V communications
What would be required to connect to the Mark V network using the network switch provided for the Viewers and DCS.
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Our site has network switches that all of the HMI servers go into and the other servers and viewers, as well as the DCS take all the data off of this server. I am trying to figure out how to connect a laptop with cimplicity or even just Mark V studio to troubleshoot. Possibly even connecting a wireless modem to troubleshoot in the field.

What software would I require? ie.TCI and what format would the communication be? GEDS, modbus? I am confused trying to get site specific information from the manuals.

The thing to be most concerned with is security! Any PC you connect to the PDH should be scrubbed clean of any viruses, and any removable media used in that PC (and any HMI!!!) should be verified to be clean before use. Also, if you are using any wireless access point for any PC to connect to the PDH, it must be secure and not allow any PC(s) other than those scrubbed clean and desired for use on the PDH.

All you need to connect a PC with an Ethernet card and Mark V Studio to the PDH is an Ethernet cable. You need to configure the Ethernet card with a proper network address and subnet address.

Then just follow the set-up "instructions" for Mark V Studio to communicate with the HMI running GSM Server. Your PC will have to have a copy of the UNITn directory and a current CSP.PRN file for Mark V Studio to animate. I don't have a copy of Mark V Studio to give complete instructions, but as long as there's an HMI running GSM Server on the PDH it's pretty easy.

That should be it for running Mark V Studio. You could set up a WAP (Wireless Access Point) for this link, also.

Be aware that the HMI Servers have ARCnet cards for communicating with the Mark Vs. You can connect to the CIMPLICITY project running a copy of CIMPLICITY configured as a Viewer, but that's not going to let you run any TCI applications (Logic Forcing, etc.).

However, there is a workaround for that, too. It involves the use of a desktop-sharing program, like MS-Windows NetMeeting. Then you can use an Ethernet wireless connection to the PDH, make the NetMeeting connection between the HMI Server and the remote PC, configure the HMI Server to allow remote control of its desktop, and then use the TCI applications on a remote PC over the wireless Ethernet.

SECURITY is key when doing this! And I don't know if NERC/FERC regulations will "allow" this, but it has been done many times.

Thank-you very much CSA. I was able to remote PC in to one of the servers.

Also curious though as the difference between PDH UDH and ADH. I know what PDH and ADH stand for but not ADH.


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The Ethernet-based LANs on a VLAN (Virtual LAN) switch:

PDH - Plant Data Highway
HMI and DCS communications LAN; GE does not allow "direct" connection to the turbine controller network (UDH) so data for DCS, etc., and HMI communications takes place primarily over the PDH.

UDH - Unit Data Highway
Usually only for Mark VI and Mark VIe controller LAN networks (EGD - Ethernet Global Data)

ADH - Atlanta Data Highway
The LAN for collecting data supplied to GE's Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Center

The VLAN "trunk" is the Ethernet connection (copper or fiber) between switches which carries all the network traffic (UDH, PDH, ADH) between switches on one Ethernet link (again, it could be copper or fiber), so instead of having individual switches for each network and links between the switches, all the networks are "funneled" into the trunk connection and then "divided" back out at the other end

The Mark V StageLink is an ARCnet-based LAN.

I have been dealing with an issue with an HMI that uses only cimplicity to view reading etc for two turbines. It shares arcnet and Ethernet communication through two other HMIs and are daisy chained. All necessary connections, cables, Ethernet switches, etc have been checked fine. The problem with the one HMI, that is just a viewer, is that it will not open up a .cim file to view the turbine pages. Is there anything you may know that could be looked at for a problem like this? Only thing extra for network/connection wise that may be an issue is I see pdh_backup and udh_backup cable unplugged but nothing is.