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Modbus TCP to Ethernet/IP
Schneider modbus tcp to AB controllogix ethernet IP

How can I communicate Schneider modbus TCP with controllogix ethernet IP... Supposly ODVA there is way to do this without add any module

Somebody can help me?

By Darrin Hansen on 14 April, 2010 - 9:17 am

Well, there are recent coordinated activities to help merge EIP and MBTCP at the specification level, but this is not really supported in the market with actual products yet. For an existing solution, I would recommend our ETH-1000 Ethernet gateway: it supports Modbus TCP/IP client and server, as well as EIP (and older CSP) client and server for linking Schneider and AB equipment.

Darrin Hansen
ICC, Inc.

Both the Unity Quantum and M340 controllers support EtherNetIP connections. Currently an in-rack module is required but development is underway to make the connection a configuration choice rather than an additional module.

By James Ingraham on 14 April, 2010 - 10:33 am
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There is currently no way to do this without a bridge. ODVA announced they were going to integrate Modbus/TCP into the EtherNet/IP specification, but to the best of my knowledge they haven't actually done it. Certainly, A-B hasn't implemented it.

You can implement Modbus/TCP yourself using the 1756-EWEB card (as opposed to the ENBT or EN2T cards, which WON'T do it.) The EWEB supports generic TCP/IP messaging, and getting Modbus/TCP to work on top of that is pretty easy.

Or you can get a bridge module from AnyBus or Prosoft.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.

I reply to James Ingraham: ODVA has published the following spec: "Volume Seven: Integration of Modbus Devices into the CIP Architecture". As you said though, there is no sign of AB having actually implemented it yet.

I don't think that "merge" is a good description of what they appear to be doing. Rather, I believe the idea is to figure out how a PLC which is designed to use Ethernet/IP should handle Modbus/TCP messages in a manner which is consistent with the way it handles Ethernet/IP messages. This is what they mean by "integration into the CIP architecture". The Ethernet/IP protocol carries a lot of legacy baggage having to do with the peculiarities of AB's different PLC families whereas Modbus/TCP is very generic.

Siemens is also starting to make nice noises about Modbus/TCP and they are supporting it directly via communications modules (this came up in a discussion on this forum a little while ago).

It is possible that the remaining big vendors (AB and Siemens) which have stuck with their own proprietary protocols are starting to look on Modbus/TCP as an interoperability protocol to allow them to work with the rest of the world. If so, that would be nice as it would eliminate the need for the converter boxes and OPC bridges that tend to clutter up a lot of real world installations.

By James Ingraham on 8 December, 2012 - 10:46 am

I know this is an old post, but I felt I had to amend it. As of RSLogix 5000 v20 and the 1756-EN2T firmware version 5, it is now possible to do generic TCP/IP (and UDP/IP) messaging with the EN2T (and variants like the R or the 3TR). The 5730 CompactLogix line now has that ability as well.

For new projects, forget the EWEB card exists and go with the EN2T (or 5730). It can handle more connections, has a better processor resulting in a higher packets per second throughput, and is actively being worked on, whereas the EWEB (while not obsolete) is clearly on the downward end of its lifespan.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.

By Richard Theron on 14 April, 2010 - 2:57 pm

FieldServer has a bridge that will connect EtherNet/IP to Modbus TCP/IP, it can also be done with two OPC Servers and bridge software.



By Jerry Miille on 14 April, 2010 - 8:49 pm

I agree with the previous posters, you will need a "gateway" to share data between an Ethernet/IP system and a Modbus/TCP system. There are several to choose from.

We offer one you can view at:

If you have any questions you can contact me off list at J Miille at miille dot com with no spaces.

In these types of applications (protocol bridging), I always have to put in a plug for the Digi One IAP. I've used them on many occasions, and they work very well.

Two way communication can be implemented by connecting two OPC servers (RSLinx OPC server and ModBus OPC server) together using BridgeMaster which can be downloaded from

ProSoft Technology offers in-rack Modbus TCP/IP communication modules for the ControlLogix platform, as well as a gateway for this connectivity. Respectively,

You may wanna use OPC for that.
Here is an OPC Server for your DH485: r-details.aspx

and here is an OPC server for your Modbus device: ls.aspx

Then use OPC Data Manager to link then together: nager.aspx

Wassim Daoud
Global Solutions Architect

A biased plug but a good solution for your application. This gateway will move your Modbus Registers directly to user defined tags in your ControlLogix PLC.

By automationtechie on 31 August, 2010 - 7:51 pm

I agree with the previous poster. You would need an OPC server to do the translating of the data. I had an application similar to this and that was way to time consuming. OPC servers never seem to be as easy to use as they are made out to be. The Kepware version is the easiest I have found but way to many issues.

The easiest way for me was to use the ICP DAS I-7188-EX-MTCP found here: Their Modbus utility took me about 30 minutes to figure out but I was able to duplicate my setting and set up 3 additional systems for our Anheiser plant in Irwindale and Van Nuys within minutes of that.

Except that I believe the original poster needed EtherNet/IP support as well (not just MBTCP to RTU)....