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DCS Architecture topology
A basic different view needed on Power plant DCS architecture topology.

Nowadays as we know most DCS systems come out with a more distributed TREE network architecture for linking BTG (Boiler, turbine Gen) with BOP areas (AHP, CHP, DM plant,Air Compressors, CW/ACW pumps), common systems and other third part systems. This network involves L1 ,L2 , L3 switches up the hierarchy starting from Field to upper leveL HMI.

Some systems also employ redundant ring(Bus) topology for power plant DCS. With ring manager sitting at definite locations for fault detecting.

My questions is :
Which architecture TREE OR RING is better and why??

By genifer gosele on 10 August, 2010 - 3:34 am

As my point of view there is a best ring topology. In a tree topology normally scan period is high and may be chance to data corrupt.