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start up sequence of gas turbine
kindly i need the start up sequence.

kindly i need the start up sequence of GAS TURBINE.
in our site our units are frame 7E.
note that:
i need in each % what will happen
from zero% up to 100% of speed.
i need this because i am new engineer in power plant.
note that, the MRK V is the controller.
if there is missing please tell me about it.

This is from my plant where we have four 7E frame with HRSG. After auxilliary checks (start selected already), GTG ramps up to maximum speed of about 1000 RPM depending upon oil temp with the help of torque converer and ALOP. This is a purge sequence lasting for 583 seconds, then L20TU1X1 drops out and GTG costs down to about 288 RPM.

GTG starts ramping up sequence and at about 10% of speed FSR is set for ignition (14 to 15 %), you will have one minute of firing sequence to get two or more flames. If you get flame earlier then one minute, machine proceeds to next warm up sequence. This is a 60 seconds absolute time. GTG then goes on acceleration mode with close loop with speed controlling the acceleration to about the thermal socks.

At 60% of speed starting mean drops out and GTG supposed to be self sustained on the fuel being used (L14HC). At about 97% of speed bleeds valve close, AHOP and ALOP drop and exhaust blower stars (with 10 seconds delay in between them, there are two of these) This is L14HS, L14HF permits for field flash. And IGV will acquire 57 degree at FSNL.

Let me know if this is adequate.