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floating bodies
how to float a body in the air.

Moderator's Note: I think by body he means an object that has mass. In any case, this one tickled by fancy, so I'm posting it.

i recently got into the design of weightless body motioning and i got an idea. but I have encountered this challenge at the moment; controlling the body in the air putting into consideration the environmental impact and effect.

if you have an idea on this object can be controlled, please contact me on rikuesan [at]

no idea is useless and irrelevant... 'big idea is a combination of small ideas'

As an Instrument Engineer, I encountered FLUIDISED BED boilers. Coal particles are suspended in air along with bed particles by means of air!

Essentially, force of gravity shall be neutralized so that any particle or body can be suspended in air!

example- hovercraft and magnetic levitation.

Hope this helps to trigger your mind!!!

Best Regards