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ours is a 9FA gas turbine, in which for initial cranking we are converting the generator into synchronous motor with the help of load commutated inverter. In generator mode, neutral will grounded with NGT & NGR via. disconnector 89ND. But during motoring mode we are opening the earth disconnector 89ND. what is the reason for that? during motoring & generator mode what will be direction of rotation?

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2) Direction of Rotation is the same as thar when operating as a Generator.

Regards, Phil Corso

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Phil Corso,

2) Everyone knows that when a generator is run as a motor that it has to rotate in the opposite direction.

Vinu should be able to observe this when the turbine at his site is being started using the generator as a motor to supply torque to the turbine shaft. The turbine gets up to rated speed with the generator running as a motor, and then abruptly stops and starts rotating in the opposite direction at the same speed--in the flash of an eye. And this all happens while the Neutral Disconnect switch is changing state to re-connect the generator neutral to ground through the Neutral Grounding Resistor.

The angles of all of the compressor blades and IGVs and turbine nozzles and turbine buckets also reverse at this same instant.

Technology is an absolutely amazing thing. And all of this was done without the aid of carbon fiber nano-tubes!

It's almost a miracle!

(April Fool's!)