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Relocating inaccessible liquid service flow transmitters
Relocation of inaccessible liquid service flow transmitters to ground level.

There are transmitters installed directly on a liquid service line that is at an inaccessible location. I need to install field indicators, i.e rosemount 751, from these inaccessible flow transmitters to a the decking or ground level on stanchions.

I am considering Identifying the JB and inserting a loop for the field indicator on the ground level via a TB in the JB in series to the transmitter that is at an inaccessible location.

Is there any other feasible solution to this problem?

Sounds good to me, unless the transmitter uses Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus, neither of which use 4-20mA.

By Jonas Berge on 19 March, 2012 - 10:57 am

In case it is using FOUNDATION fieldbus, you can use the model remote 752 indicator in parallel


dear afilak,

sound is good. go a head.