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how to check a faulty encoder?
By vipul ghariya on 20 September, 2012 - 4:43 am

i have elco encoder (EB38A6-P4AR-1000), 5-30vdc. sir the encoder does not give the reference. so how to know the encoder will be faulty or not?

please, anyone help me as soon as possible.

with regards,
vipul ghariya

Hi Vipul

Encoders will not give reference. They are supposed to tell you the RPM of the motor by the pulses that are generated at a particular speed of the motor. E.g. If your encoder is rated for 1024 PPR which means in one revolution of the encoder shaft/motor shaft , you will get 1024 pulses. You can check with an Oscilloscope to see if you are getting any pulses at the wire ends at A,B, or Abar Bbar