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Mark VIe Controller UCSA-H1A Fault
Mark VIe Controller UCSA-H1A Fault (Boot Led Solid Red)

We have problem at Mark VIe Controller UCSA-H1A Fault for our 2 GT unit, 2 Month ago in Aug we have problem in one unit.\

- Communication loss from server & HMI to controller.

- Alarm in UCSA-H1A : Boot Led solid on in Red.

- Fault can not be cleared by power reset.

- Trouble can be solved by replacing CF card in this controller to new one ( format flash & download to new CF card by toolbox ST prior replacing).

Suspected bad sector/CF card problem.

2nd GT unit have some phenomena with the 1st GT unit.
The difficulties of this controller is using 128MB CF card which is no longer much available in the market (already obsolete).

Is there any some experience with us?


What does GE say about this?

Have you checked the GE TILs (Technical Information Letters) and PSBs (Product Service Bulletins) for any information about this? I believe there was some write-up in the last couple of years about problems with Compact Flash cards. I don't recall if it was a switch from one manufacturer to another, or if there was some kind of problem with one manufacturer's card(s).

But, it's worth checking.

There's always the GE Controls Connect website. I would hope that if you do use the site and its services that you would write back with any useful information you get and the problem resolution.


One more thing--I know I talk about this a LOT, but a clean power supply that is free of grounds is really important to any Speedtronic panel health and longevity. I talk with so many sites that say, "Grounds have been present since day one, and the unit runs. Why do we have to worry about grounds? They are impossible to troubleshoot and resolve!"

The presence of grounds for a long period of time, and the fact that the unit "runs" is no justification for not resolving them. And a "running" unit with unusual, nuisance and intermittent problems is not a reliable unit nor one that anyone really wants to be associated with or have to work on.

I can't tell you the number of sites where long-term grounds were found and resolved and all of a sudden the unit doesn't have nuisance problems and trips and alarms and card failures. The Mark VIe system, with the 28 VDC power supply for UCSAs is only a little more tolerant of grounds and dirty power supplies--only a little more tolerant.

And one of the biggest problems I see with dirty power supplies is the supply and use of DACAs for Mark VIe panels. They actually accentuate any voltage spikes or dips from the AC source(s) connected to them. They also provide a false sense of security for the Speedtronic panel, because no one should be operating a panel without the 125 VDC battery, especially if it provides power for the Emergency L.O. Pump. Full stop. Period. The salespeople who sell this option under the guise of improved reliability don't have any clue about what they are talking about. And the people who fall for this line of thought haven't taken the time to analyze whether or not what they are being told is true.

So, be sure your power source(s) are clean, and keep the grounds to a minimum--and you'll find the unusual, nuisance, and intermittent problems associated with Speedtronic panels will miraculously disappear.

This admonition includes ensuring that panel earthing/grounding practices are properly followed, especially if the "divided earths" scheme is used, that is, the "Protective Earth" and "Functional Earth", or the "Safety Earth" and "Instrument Earth" scheme. I have seen all manner of problems caused by improper grounding practices, and poorly constructed earth grids.

Again, please write back with any useful information and the resolution to your problem.

get feedback from GE that this problem caused by 128MB CF card it self (CF card quality issue). Problem is solved by other mfr CF card.


Thanks for the feedback!

By James Voisin on 15 June, 2017 - 10:46 pm

I agree with the power observations. Rock solid power with no transients is the solution. Should you require a UCSA we have successfully repaired them.

Good luck!