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fieldbus system for generator stater winding temperature measurement
use of fieldbus system for generator stator winding temperature measurement

we want to measure generator stator winding temperatures (PT100 RTD) using fieldbus system (profibus or foundation fieldbus system). presently these are being measured using temperature transmitters (4-20ma output). would like to know experience of readers regarding this and if they are using it already, which system is being used.

thanks in advance.

There are many temperature measurement applications using FOUNDATION fieldbus. You can use the Rosemount 848T 8-input temperature transmitter in this application. That is, a single FF transmitter eliminates 8 pcs 4-20 mA transmitters, most cables, and AI cards. Use the Softing linking device to bring the data into DCS/PLC or direct to software if you system doesn't already support FOUNDATION fieldbus H1. Lots of useful diagnostics such as "measurement validation" you will not get in a 4-20 mA device.

Rosemount 848T is also available in a 4-input WirelessHART version which you may wish to consider. That is, a single WirelessHART transmitter eliminates 4 pcs 4-20 mA transmitters, all cables, and AI cards. Use the Emerson 1420 WirelessHART gateway to bring the data into DCS/PLC or direct to software.


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