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rosemount radar tx level
Rosemount radar3300 level tx and level gauge not matching

plz any one solve this problem which we facing in rosemount radar3300 level tx. again and again call from process that the level tx and level gauge not matching each other. we set the tx threshold and feed the dielectric value but problem is coming time to time.

By Bob Peterson on 13 January, 2013 - 9:25 am
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Radar style level xmtrs have lots of installation issues that sometimes come into play. Have you considered talking with Rosemount tech support? I have found they are very good at applying their instruments.

One thing that will help is if you have more information to give whoever you are asking. Basically you are saying "it doesn't work" and little else. There is nothing for anyone to go on to help you there.

You might start by carefully reading the installation manual that came with the instrument and check closely to see if the installation requirements were actually followed. I often find that stuff that "does not work" is actually working as designed but either applied or installed wrong.

1. Call Rosemount Service for help.

2. I assume the "level gauge" is a different instrument than the "level tx" so how different are they?

3. Is the output from the rosemount level tx consistent or does it do weird things?

4. Is the "level gauge" mechanical or a sight gauge?

5. Call Rosemount Service for help.

Walt Boyes, FInstMC, Chartered Measurement and Control Technologist
Life Fellow, International Society of Automation
Editor in Chief, Control and

Yes like Bob said, we cannot help you with the kind of information you gave us.

To me it sounds like you are trying to measure a interface but I don't know since you don't say.

Doing a single process level endearment with a GWR and doing an interface are two completely different ball games, so I cannot help you if you don't give enough information.

The Rosemount Model 3300 is a Guide Wave Radar and is normally used in interface applications since a GWR was specially designed for applications like that, so that is why I assumed you are trying to do a I/F measurement.

Send us more info and we will try and help. I myself have a lot of experience on a similar GWR from Khrone and might be able to put you on the right track if you tell me what the problem is.

Also let us know if you are working on or offshore since trying to do a I/F level measurement with a GWR on a constantly moving FPSO is pretty much as difficult as a level measurement can get and you will need some help if that is what you are trying to do.