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Wireless solution for Water level monitoring
Looking for a solution to monitor water tanks with wireless connectivity.
By elpro energy on 29 January, 2013 - 9:08 am

We want a solution, to monitor the water tanks with wireless connectivity. here every tank will placed in different distances from one tank to another. tank is around 150-200 meters, but we have only the one pumping motor to fill these all tanks and the output should monitored by PC with wireless connectivity. If you know of a solution for this problem. please respond to

By Pietro Tallarico on 29 January, 2013 - 2:20 pm

You may install the transmitter differential profibus pa (if the tanks are to the atmosphere.) All instruments (differential transmitters) and the pump are acquired by Siemens plc and through two antennas wireless connect your PC to a remote HMI


might want to look at using the wirelessHART solution to monitor the water level for your tank. If the existing transmitter is HART-enable, you will just need to add a THUM (wirelessHART adapter) and a gateway to pull data back to the control room through modbus/opc.

> We want a solution, to monitor the water tanks with wireless connectivity.

If you contact Signatrol (see Link removed at the requested of Signatrol.) they should be able to help with this.

Hope this helps

icenta Controls

By sensorless on 31 March, 2013 - 5:53 am


You can use a level transmitter and give its feedback to your controller (PLC).

There are Netview cards available that can be connected with your computer so that you can monitor your computer SCADA at any remote location. You just need to have an internet connection.

I have done this several times using an HMI, but, i am sure that there must be netview cards for PC as well.