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induction generator
Operation of induction generator

Hi all..

Can any one please explain me the operation of induction generator? my doubt is..i know that when induction motor is made to run above the synchronous speed then it will become a generator. If i use any wind turbine to rotate it more than synchronous speed, how its generating voltage? in case of syn generator, i will supply field excitation to get voltage at stator end, but in induction generator, i am giving supply only to stator. how its reflecting back?

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This might have some answers to your questions, and some more information for how you might be planning to implement an induction generator driven by a wind turbine.

For an induction generator to generate watts it is required that the power system (or some external source) supply the vars needed for the magnetizing current. An induction generator will generate watts on a windmill if the generator's vars are supplied from an external source, such as the power system, and the induction generator is turning faster than synchronous rpm.

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Rob... I suggest you search Control.Com Archives for Induction Generator threads!

Regards, Phil Corso