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Counter in NAIS PLC
Configuring a counter in a NAIS PLC
By David Brown on 3 March, 2013 - 10:02 am

Hi all,
I am programming NAIS PLC, this is FP2 - C1 and FP0. The software is FPWIN Pro version 5.

The problem is that in  FP2, the number of the timers and counters are 1023 points. The timer has 1000 points and the counter is only 24 point ( 1000 to 1023 ).
In FP0, the number of the timers and counters is 144 . The timer has 100 points, the counter has 44 points ( 100 to 143).

 I would like to have more counter and the instruction states that the number of the counter can be changed by using SYSTEM REGISTER 5 but the manual does not provide me with sufficient information to do so. 

There is any one on the list know how to increase the number of the counter?

Any advice is appreciated.

Many thanks.