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Problem with RYE CNC
RYE CNC 1995 Controller BOSCH CC100M Version S22C

Dear Sirs

We hope you can help us with advise to fit our machine.

I will try to explain a situation.

We have RUE CNC with the controller BOSCH CC100M. When we changed a battery, all parameters were lost. We input manually the parameters in accordance with a Manual (contour, time, cycle), now the machine works, but we can not draw the axes in zero position.

The machine is fully ready for work, the drives are turned on, but it doesn't fulfill a task "Reference access". There were note "Error 223 - Reference cycle does not exist". After we have input Reference cycle 79, the error note has disappeared, but tghe machine doesn't work still.

We will be happy to receive an advice

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,
Irina Smirnova
Riga, Latvia