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Problem with energy meter using Modscan
Problem with energy meter using modscan

I'm using a Integra 1630 energy meter with Modbus communication. Currently, I'm using Modscan32 to check the data. Most of the time i will only receive a register value of 0x00 while occasionally good replies. I tried changing the scan rate from 5000ms to 100ms but it is still the same.

Is there any adjustment that i can do to make the meter to have good replies?

1) Have you tried looking at more than one data format?

2) Have you tried reading from another starting value, one higher or lower than what you are using now?

The manual on the web
(take out any spaces the forum inserts into the URL)
provides this data format information:
Data Format:
4 bytes (2 registers) per parameter.
Floating point format ( to IEEE 754)
Most significant register first (Default).
The default may be changed if required -
See Holding Register "Register Order" parameter.

I suspect that you might be reading part (one register) of a floating point value as an integer, or reading one register from one value and one register from another value (register addressing is offset by one).

There are buttons in Modscan32 to change the format in which the interpreted data is displayed.

The 'address' text box defines the starting address for the read request. Try a value one greater than or one less than what you're using now.