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SIA protocol to OPC
Linking DSC Alarm panels to SCADA through OPC

We are trying to monitor DSC Alarm panels on a SCADA through telephone lines .There is no ready made SIA protocol OPC client or driver for linking to scada is the real issue now. We are planning to use Iconics Genesis 32 or Ge Fanuc Cimplicity scada for the purpose. Did any body try for developing OPC client (in VB or C++) for SIA protocol? SIA is Security Industrial Association and it is used in Alarm panels.

Thanks in advance
Biju CG

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We are always interested in adding new protocols so I searched the web to look at the protocol to see if we would be interested.

"The SIA OSDP V2.1.5 is available for purchase through the SIA Online Store for the introductory price of $10 for SIA members and $20 for non-members."

Gave me a laugh. Really $20, what is the point?

Good luck,


Dear Mark,

I understand that "The SIA OSDP V2.1.5" is only a document giving OSDP details and not driver or interface software or OPC for SIA. Thanks for your kind response.

Biju CG

If You need a quotation for development of OPC server for SIA OSDP V2.1.5, I'm available.

Please write to 051168 [@] gmail [.] com



> I understand that "The SIA OSDP V2.1.5" is only a document giving OSDP details...

Right, that is what we would need to implement the protocol in our HMI product.

I found the humor in $20.00 to get the details of a protocol. What is the point of $20.00? Is that the value of the protocol, the amount of work put into it, the cost of sending a link to download it, a paper version is mailed? What?

Good luck,