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Foxboro I/A series tutorial
Foxboro tutorial

Dear All,

Hi i am an engineer from Indonesia. i have queries regarding I/A series.

supposed that i want to have a demo/simulation system for Foxboro DCS that have IO module and HMI interfaces, what is the minimum materials/software that i need to have to runs the system?

Any suggestion or information. thanks for your advise.


By Waleed Ilyas on 11 July, 2017 - 4:01 am

I am also looking for manuals for FOXBORO I/A, specifically for the document with following title and reference number:

Document Title: IA SeriesĀ® Integrated Control Configurator
Document Reference No.: B0193AV_P

Can you please send me the document if you already have? it or share the link from where it can be downloaded?

Best Regards,
Waleed Ilyas