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A demonstration of EtherCAT control of linear motors using the CTC EtherCAT master.
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Questions about Automation Company's Web Presence
I am looking to find out from professionals what is desired in a supplier/distributor's web site.

I am fairly new to the industry but I have an IT background so I have been put in charge of the company website.

I am having trouble figuring out what a professional technician/engineer/decision maker is looking for in a supplier/distributor website. If they are looking for a website at all. I have built a survey that asks questions related to what is important in a site and would greatly appreciate any replies.

You can also visit the site if you would like to give any specific feedback. (Please be gentle). I just want to make the site something that reflects the knowledge and hard work of the personnel in the company, as well as something that a professional would take seriously.

Thank you for your time,

Gerald Peterson
Networking and SCADA Specialist

Survey link: