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TwinCAT 3 Error When Switched to Run Mode.
TwinCAT 3 error when switched to Run Mode.


I am new to TwinCat 3 and to PLC programming.

I made a program on TwinCat 3 to experiment a little bit. When I switched to Run Mode TwinCat gave me the following error:

Error 15 27/01/2015 23:23:48 551 ms | 'TwinCAT System' (10000): Sending ams command >> Init4\RTime: Start Interrupt: Ticker started >> AdsWarning: 4115 (0x1013, RTIME: system clock setup fails.
Hint: On Windows8 system execute win8settick.bat in TwinCAT\3.1\System as administrator and reboot.) << failed!

I am running TwinCat 3.1, Engineering eddition on Windows 8.1 64-bit operating systems.

Any suggestion of how I can solve this error is more than welcome.

Thanks alot

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Check your Hyper-V technology. if it is switch on, just deactivate it in windows features.

By Martin Fahr on 26 March, 2015 - 12:10 pm

I've got the same problem. Hyper-V is switched off. Running the suggested .bat file does not help.
Is it Ok to run Twincat on Windows 8 in 64bit mode?

Thanks for any help

> Check your Hyper-V technology. if it is switch on, just
> deactivate it in windows features.

By Yonatan Golan on 1 January, 2017 - 6:47 am


I also have the same problem - Did anyone find a solution? .bat file doesn't help. I have no Hyper-V installed and I checked in BIOS and virtualization is enabled.

I have a Dell Inspiron 13 with windows 10 running on it.
Searching on the web I find many people complaining about this but very few answers.

Suggestions will be very appreciated.

Hi guys!

Just went through same issue and solved it by the help of a friend. Go to TwinCaT folder in your drive C:

TwinCaT>3.1>system there would be the file "win8settick" run it as administrator and reboot THAT'S IT


I am totally beginner, so can you tell me what do you mean by reboot? I run the file as administrator and then nothing changed.