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Siemens T-3000 Reports Question
We're struggling with using T-3000 and creating useful reports.


Our power station has recently upgraded from Siemens Txp to T3000. We are currently struggling to find a way to use the reports part of the system to investigate trips etc.

With Txp we would select the time period we were interested in, say a few minutes before a GT trip up to a minute after. We could then easily see every alarm, warning, event etc that initiated in that time frame. In fact you would see 'too much' so Txp allowed us to only select the particular GT to narrow down the results. This was great and would quickly show us what the problem was.

Now, T-3000 appears to work the other way. It seems to require you to enter the kks numbers for it to report on. It allows up to 400 i think but in the scheme of things this is not many. The 'help' included in the software implies you can use wild cards to view more but this does not seem to work, you get a message saying too many tags and no report.

The problem here is that unless you have a good idea of the system that caused the trip or excursion you're struggling. Our initial search is so that we can find out the cause.

So. Can anybody tell me a way to duplicate what we did with Txp? Is it possible or is this what it feels like and a backwards step for the software?


We've sorted this now. Wildcard, not browse, simple when you know how.

> We've sorted this now. Wildcard, not browse, simple when you know how.

Added option (just FYI) for want you are looking to do. Dream Report offers connectivity to your alarm database and it offers very flexible alarm reporting through a Web Portal interface. You can filter alarms by assets. You can specify periods of interest with date and time pickers. It is also a good solution for ISA 18.2 alarm analysis.