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Modbus RTU Communication Between HMI HNC-TP2507 and DANFOSS FC51
I need to operate an FC51 with an HMI (HNC)
By Sebastian Azcurra on 9 November, 2016 - 3:02 pm

Hello colleagues.

I have to drive a Danfoss FC51 Frequency Inverter, with an HMI of the HNC brand, model TP2507. The protocol available on the HMI is MODBUS RTU, and MODBUS RTU EXTENDED.

I have no experience in handling the FC51 via MODBUS RTU. For example, I do not know the RS485 communication parameters of the FC51. I do not know how to set the FC51 LCP to work with MODBUS RTU, etc.

Please, I ask you to help me, thank you very much.

See my post, the last one in this thread, here:

Ignore the first sentence and start at "Modbus is a project. Congratulations, you're the project engineer!"

Your HNC TP2507, the HMI, will be the Modbus RTU master. Wherever the post refers to DCS, substitute "Modbus RTU master".

Your Danfoss FC51 is a 'drive', which will always a Modbus RTU slave.

The warning about different vendor slave devices on the same network does not apply because you have a point-to-point network.

The task is basically some research and experimentation to get your Modbus RTU network up and running.