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Magnetically Coupled Drives
Can I use a magnetically coupled drive work through 2 inch thick polypropylene?


I have been asked to quote a machine that would have an 18 inches diameter x 18 inch face stainless steel roll that would be submerged at least 2/3 of its height into a tank filled with some sort of non-solvent solution.

The (potential) customer has asked if we make the tank out of polypropylene (most likely 2 inches thick), whether it is feasible to use a magnetically coupled drive so that the roll shafts would not have to go through the tank walls. The customer says they have done this before, but never with such a large roll. I asked if they could let me know the drive manufacturer they used but my contact didn't know.

I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with this sort of application, whether it sounds doable, and whether you could recommend a drive manufacturer (or magnetic coupling manufacturer) we can look into.

Thanks and best regards,

We purchase a lot of Mag-drive pumps, but the barrier there is just a thin layer of stainless.

I think 2 inches would be a tall order at least if you have any significant torque requirement.