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Allen Bradley Communications Question
Is it possible to set up a Read MSG with a PLC with RS5000 through Data Highway Plus?

I have a SLC 5/04 and I want to see if it is possible to set up a Read MSG with a plc with RS5000 through Data Highway Plus.

I have upgraded a SLC 5/04 to an L71 processor. I had all my integration done between the original PLC through Data Highway as a read MSG. I have been trying with not much success at getting the SLCs to read the L71. I can get the L71 to read and write to the SLCs through the RS5000 software. Is it possible for RS500 to read RS5000 through DH? If so what do I need to set up?

By Jeremy Pollard on 4 January, 2017 - 6:15 pm

You would need a DH+ interface on the L71. Are we to assume that you have DH+ connectivity to the SLC already? You would use the 1756-UM514 comms manual to setup the routing tables for the SLC to use

Cheers from: Jeremy Pollard, CET The Caring Canuckian!
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By Ikhtiander on 5 January, 2017 - 8:49 pm
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Hello Louis,

It is possible for AB SLC controller to read/write data located on Controllogix controller thru DH+ network. To do this, you will need DH+ card (1756-DHRIO) installed at Controllogix chassis, then one the port connected to daisy chain DH+ network to SLC.

At SLC side you will need to setup MSG instruction to read data/write on Controllogix side the same way as to read/write data to PLC-5 controller.

At Controllogix side, you will need to configure port of DHRIO card that you connect to DH+ network as a DH+ port.

then you also need to configure PLC5/SLC Mapping on the menu : Logic - Mapp PLC/SLC message:

Hope this will be helpful, let me know if you need more help

Best regards

You could replace the 5/04 with a 1747-AENT which would put your SLC rack on EthernetIP. This would be an option if you don't have any remote IO being controlled by the SLC and there are some restrictions as to what modules can be on the rack.