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Steam Turbine Bearing Housing
Looking for information on Essinger balls for team turbine bearing housing.


In the project getting executed, the steam turbine unit is being supplied on a base plate comprising turbine unit, front end and rear end bearing pedestal and the gear unit.

The requisition asks for - "For baseplate mounted equipment, the Manufacturer shall supply and mount the tooling (Essinger) balls on both sides of the lower half of each bearing housing, close to the split line. The corresponding tooling balls shall be supplied and mounted on the baseplate.

During the mechanical test run of the turbine, the turbine Manufacturer shall demonstrate that the tooling balls are mounted in the proper position and that their use is not obstructed by any piping or structure.

May I request your expertise in understanding the "tooling (Essinger) balls" arrangement schemes, pictures, supplier and it's details required for MRT.