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Learning GE Mark VIe
Want to learn Mark VIe controls. Is there a school I could look into for this?

I would like to learn Mark VIe controls. Is there a school I could look into for this. Any suggestions by the professional DCS guys?


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Jack, would suggest the best choice of training for the MKVIE system is going to be from the OEM, GE. They offer some great training classes in Salem Virginia and others in Colorado. The classes are not cheap, but I think the OEM has the best complement of tools to teach the product.

If you work at a plant that owns any kind of GE Turbine you can register for a login to the GE Controls Connect website. Once on the site you are allowed to download any manuals that are available there, and I have found that just about any manual from any vintage of the "Mark" control system is. This would be a great way to learn as much as possible on your own. If you have a MKVIE system at a site you work at all of the MKVIE manuals should be on each of the HMI machines.

I hope this helps answer your question.