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Hyundai UPR LA - GE Multinet - Enervista Viewpoint Monitoring Software
I'm trying to connect my Hyundai UPR LA to Enervista Monitoring Software using GE Multinet and Modbus

Hyundai ACB UPR LA
Communication Protocol: Modbus-RTU, Data Bit: 8 bit, Parity: non, Stop bit: 1, Baud Rate: 19200.

GE Multinet (Serial to Ethernet Converter)
-Converts Modbus RTU over RS485 into
Modbus TCP/IP over Ethernet.
-Parity: non
-Baud Rate: 19200

GE Enervista Viewpoint Monitory Software

I'm trying to connect it, but my enervista software won't read the device. Can someone help me with this one? I'm still novice with this line of work.