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MAC Table Size in Managed and Unmanaged Switch
What is the significance of MAC table size in unmanaged and in managed switch?

The unmanaged switched don't have their own MAC address but they use MAC table for packet forwarding. i just want to know that how many unmanaged switch in tree topology having daisy chained in a local network can handle how many devices?

Whether unmanaged switch need to know his all neighbor and neighbor of neighbors to work properly?

Whether this limit depends on how big is MAC table size of a switch?

What if switch MAC table get full and switch find a packet from new device on his uplink/downlink port? how switch will behave in this situation? if it do broadcast the packet, then it will affect the all other switch working in network. switch can not add new device to MAC table, whether it will overwrite in MAC table with old entry, when all other devices are active and in communication. whether same limitation applied to managed switch also?

please explain

Please Help me out to understand the theory of Network switch to forwarding the packets in Network. if unmanaged switch have all info about its all network neighbor, then how it is different from Managed switch in managing the traffics of packets in a Network?