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P-T Compensation for DP Flow Transmitters
How to do P-T compensation inside Yokogawa DP transmitter?
By Nirav Mehta on 25 January, 2017 - 11:34 am

While using Yokogawa dp transmitters (eja110e) for measuring gas flow rate in kg/hr, how to do P-T compensation inside transmitter?

Square root extraction is in transmitter. Is P-T compensation mandatory to get output & display in kg/hr?

The EJA110E is 'just' a DP transmitter. It does not do absolute static pressure or temperature compensation.

>Is P-T compensation mandatory to get output & display in kg/hr?

If you want a real inferred mass flow, yes. Some people 'assume' static pressure and temperature and interpret the output as mass flow, but that's assuming 2 variables and they're kidding themselves.

Yokogawa's Multivariable transmitters do internal mass flow calculations from DP, static/absolute pressre and temperature.
Those are the EJX930A or EJX910A multivariables.

They look like DPs but have provision for an external temperature sensor input and have an internal static/absolute pressure measurement.