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Redundant TCP/IP Cable Break Indication
Redundant TCP/IP cable break indication in HMI.
By Shuvajit Bala on 5 February, 2017 - 11:25 pm

"Single point cable breakage detection is possible for Modbus RTU (Eg: MOV, Gas Detector, etc.) and Profibus cable but not on redundant TCP/IP" - Is this statement by ABB true?

If not, then how to detect & indicate TCP/IP cable breakage in the HMI?
We are using ABB Industrial IT 800xA system (AC 800M Advant Controller 800M) and ethernet switches from Hirschmann-Belden. Communication protocol used is IEC 61850. Each IED is equipped with 3*RJ-45 ports. All the IEDs are connected to form a ring network with the CAT6 cables installed inside the switch gears.